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2011-Apr-15 - Marishka Hot XoticDoll Nude.

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Marishka, Nude at XoticDolls.
This hot and elegant blonde is one of the top webcam girls at XoticDolls.com HD Nude Webcam Girls. Hangout in Marishka's free chatroom for only a couple of minutes and you will no doubt, find out why she is so popular. Incredibly great looking, she is also a lot of fun to chat with... funny and sexy... and there is also the fact that she broadcasts her webcam strip show in stunningly crystal-clear, big-screen HD. Do yourself a huge favor and visit Marishka's webpage at XoticDolls: Marishka at XoticDolls.com.

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2011-Apr-3 - Free, Live, Nude, Sex Chat.

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MiaWallaceXXX Totally Nude Dildo Play 

How would you like to see and enjoy live, nude, sex chat without taking a girl "private" and without paying "per minute" charges? You probably surf around a lot looking for FREE CAM2CAM NUDE SEX CHAT and are fairly convinced no such thing exists... at least NOT in a high-quality format that's really worthwhile.


Well, you would be mostly right in coming to this conclusion. But, not 100% correct. At XoticCams.com, you can get a hot amateur girl or housewife totally NUDE in FREE public chat. And, you do NOT need to pay per-minute costs. Here how it works at XoticCams.com... the very vast majority of girls who cam at XoticCams get naked and play for "tips"... or as it's also known for "gratuities" (rewards for a service or nicety performed well and to your enjoyment and satisfaction).


The photo above is actually a "screen capture" (a still photo taken from a streaming video) from a recent free nude sex chat session with one of our amateur girls, MiaWallaceXXX. As you can see, Mia is totally nude, has her legs spread wide, and is masturbating with a dildo. Her generous and explicit masturbation event was presented in free, public chat. Her rewards came from chat partners who appreciated and enjoyed Mia's sharing her body for such a long and uninterrupted time. She did pussy penetration, anal penetration and provided fantastic views from front, back and close-up. Everyone who was lucky enough to be in her free,public chatroom (including Mia) had a grand and fun time.


So, for maximum enjoyment of live nude sex chat, click here: XoticCams.com. Sign-up for a free account, get a username and then have a great time going from chatroom to chatroom and enjoying the shows!

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2010-Aug-21 - Free Nude Cam2Cam Sex Chat.

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Free Nude Cam2Cam Chat With Real Amateur Girls.

FREE, FREE, FREE... the word has a nice ring to it. And, it has an even better sound when it means you can enjoy uninhibited Nude Cam2Cam Live Sex Chat with no credit card or registration required. The FREE chatroom at XoticCams.com provides you with the opportunity to chat with open-minded girls from all over the country and the world. These girls are not traditional camgirls. Instead, many of them are real, true amateurs who just simply get a kick out of flashing boobs, ass or pussy in a very safe, non-threatening way.


Consider... these girls are at home in their bedrooms or their dorm rooms. And, whatever they do in the privacy and security of wherever home feels, they can do without being judged or rated... and they can do it anonymously. And, who doesn't get the urge or impulse to get a little down and dirty in a public way every now and then. So, if you're looking for some online fun that really can be F-U-N spelled with an S-E-X, then turn on your webcam and mic, take off your clothes and head to our FREE NUDE Cam2Cam Adult Video Chatroom. And by the way, when you make XoticCams your Nude Cam2Cam Sex Chat HQ, you can enjoy our 100% FREE Live Daily Nude Cam Show also with no credit card or registration required

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2010-Aug-8 - Nearly 700 Free Nude HD Girls.

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Free Nude HD Girls

Are you skittish or more than a bit afraid to download free porn onto your computer? Well, take note... here's a completely safe way to get very high-quality HD videos of nearly 700 nude girls. There's absolutely no spyware, adware or malware connected with this FREE software. It's 100% certified clean software... in fact, more than 9 million users know this to be true.


Enjoy very high-quality HD videos of ultra-hot girls stripping totally NUDE! If you love naked dancing girls who give you all the right views and plenty to look at and lust after... you'll love what you find at Streamate-HD.com's FREE ZONE for HD Nude Girls.


This is a no-brainer... duh, I love nude girls in HD... duh, where can I see them for FREE with no worries... duh, we just told you in the previous sentence... click just above for some totally fun, free stuff, and you won't regret it. Beautiful, sexy, hot girls getting totally nude in crisp, clear HD... what's to think about?

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2010-Jul-31 - Latina Webcam Girl Adds HD Video Spice.

VictoriaXXXSlave is a gorgeous Latina Webcam Girl with a hot body.

VictoriaXXXSlave is a latina webcam girl who broadcasts in HD and has the high-quality video stream to support and meet the expectations of true HD. And, Victoria looks superb in big screen HD clarity and sharpness. She lights her chatroom in a warm and inviting way, and this often overlooked aspect of webcam chat proves the importance of good lighting. VictoriaXXXSlave strips naked in her private chatroom like most other webcam girls, but that's where the comparison ends. Her high-quality HD broadcast gives a new slant on the line... "reach out and touch someone." With Victoria that's certainly what you want to do, and with her amazing HD chatroom video you feel like you can. 

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2010-Jul-24 - HD Webcams Are Not Always HD.

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Despite the fact that many HD webcam sites are employing really advanced technology to broadcast their webcam girls in "true" HD, both the video and audio quality of the broadcasts... at least not for every webcam girl on the website... really measure up to expected HD quality. That's because all feeds coming from each webcam girl and going through the broadcasting platform are not created equal.


For instance, even though all the site's webcam girls must be connected to the internet through a broadband or high-speed connection, some have faster connections and upload speeds than others. Of course, those with the fastest connections will probably have the best quality broadcasts from their chatrooms.


But, their are other considerations for what provides for the best HD broadcast. The webcam being used by the girl for her shows is important. If she's not using a camcorder or a webcam with at least a 30FPS speed, chances are her picture quality is going to suffer.


Another important element in sustaining high-quality HD is room lighting, or how the webcam girl lights herself when she's in front of her webcam. A lighting situation that is basically too dimly lit or even dark makes the whole broadcast system labor. This laboring causes a slow down that affects picture quality in a negative way.


To a certain extent, webcam site operators can only require minimum standards in terms of what webcam girl broadcasters use as camera equipment, internet connection speed and lighting. And, in some parts of the world, the webcam girl could not opt for the best broadcasting set-up even if she knew how, or could afford to have these better tools... simply because the resources are not available where she lives.


These discrepancies in uniformity are reflected in webcam sites who have excellent HD broadcasts by webcam girls who have the "state-of-the-art" set-up. While other webcam girls on the same website lack this higher quality or "state-of-the-art" broadcasting capability. Broadcast quality is something to be conscience of and perhaps evaluate before paying for a private chat... you want the best when you're buying. So, the girl's camera quality and lighting might be just as important as the size of her boobs and the roundness of her curves.

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